Cloudy Epoxy - after using

Cloudy or dull epoxy is typically caused by excessive moisture. Specifically, moisture from excessive humidity in the area where the epoxy was applied or excessive moisture in/on the application surface. It can also be caused by moisture that has gotten directly into the mix of epoxy, but this is a rare occurrence. When the epoxy turns white in some areas it suggest that your epoxy system contains what is called "blushing". This is usually caused by high humidity (moisture content in the air) when the coating was applied or your substrate was not totally dry at the time of application. A more common situation is that the user mixes the epoxy in a late afternoon or evening? They applies the resin and go to bed? What happens is that the night is the coldest part of a 24 hour day. Epoxies do not work well in cold conditions (well known and documented). So during the long cold night? The epoxy components are exposed for a long period to the atmosphere and can absorb gases like Carbon Dioxide. This then alters the surface characteristics. Cold weather and high humidity are great contributors. Solution? If you must operate this way? Then heat your resin to about 28 deg C, mix and apply. Keep the room warm and dry.