Do you ever just sit and watch?

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Do you ever just sit and watch?

Ok so I did something I haven’t done in a while today. I had an hour to kill between clients so I went to an eatery and sat .. and watched .. Ok I had some food so I wasn’t all about being weird. Anyways I watched peeps eating .. and guess what I saw ?????

A couple of things – The most common were –

1. Eating fast – omg like really shovelling it in – not sure if they even knew what their food tasted like or what it even was . Their digestive system did not have a chance in hell . Not to mention their ability to say ahhh I’ve had enough

2. Eating distracted – again how can you enjoy your food – know what it feels like In Your mouth .. what it tastes like .. really chew it and make it an experience if you are not conscious of even doing it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that impact us the most

We can use our meals as a time to stop. To recharge and replenish for the rest of the day. If we don’t guess what happens we get overtired and start to rely on other things to get us through – cue sugar / caffeine. These 2 examples are just 2 areas that seem so obvious for us all but they can actually be contributing to obesity – stress – sleep – mood and chronic disease issues.

As a metabolic health and wellness coach it is my job to understand the mechanisms within our body that this simple behaviour will either interrupt or increase…to look at the big picture not just food and exercise. Sometimes it’s the little things that impact us the most and this is one of those great examples Have a great day and enjoy your meals

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Written By Kerri Harvey

Kerri is a Certified Metabolic Health Coach, Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Consultant and Hormone Enhancement Coach with more than 16 years experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry. Kerri’s key to success is her methodical process of collaborating with clients to achieve results.

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