Super depressed and my clothes wouldn’t fit me!

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I met Kerri when my weight had peaked at 87kgs. I was super depressed and my clothes wouldn’t fit me. While working with Kerri I lost 11kgs, but it’s not just the body transformation for me, it’s my mind transformation that was unbelievable.


I look at food so differently now, I love when I’m hungry and I take ages to decide on the best and nicest foods to consume. I can certainly recommend Kerri to you all, she will transform your life. She is the best wellness & metabolic coach You could ever meet.


“I look at food so differently now…”


She is so loyal, concerned, thoughtful, energetic, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, motivational and her passion for a healthier lifestyle for her clients, will explode in to your life.


Kerri The Great !!!!


Joan C.

Written By Kerri Harvey

Kerri is a Certified Metabolic Health Coach, Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Consultant and Hormone Enhancement Coach with more than 16 years experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry. Kerri’s key to success is her methodical process of collaborating with clients to achieve results.

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