I have known Kerri for many years.  She was my coach at my local gym, so she knows me very well.  Over the years I have yo-yo’d with my weight, which can be fairly typical.

Finally, in June 2020, I got very serious about shedding quite a few kilos as I had a goal to look and feel better for my son’s wedding in March 2021.  So, I took myself off to see Kerri at her clinic and I have never looked back.

Kerri has taught me how to have a different relationship with food to what I had before.  The thing that I appreciated the most was that I was not put on a ‘diet’, but was taught to ‘adapt’ my food and eating to my daily activities.  She gave me some deliberate guidelines to follow, which were a huge contribution and aid to my weight loss.

I did definitely cut down on the amount of sugar I had in my daily intake (which was a bit of a challenge as a chocaholic), but I did find a very suitable alternative to satisfy my love of chocolate, that is 2-4 squares of 78% cocoa Lindt chocolate at night.

Exercise and movement for me, were a huge addition and positive change to my every day.  I now do 11,000 plus steps every day, and I appreciate being outdoors to make that happen, and also tried to come up with some creative ways to build up some steps inside my home.

Kerri has always shut down any negative thoughts I may have had, and asked me to turn them into a positive, which has also made a huge difference.  It’s not to say that every day is perfect, because that will never happen, but my outlook and purpose have definitely changed.

I met my weight loss goal (and more), and am now maintaining my weight with the help, guidance, care and positivity that I receive from Kerri every month.  (My body scan results showed substantial changes for the better).  I will continue to see Kerri, as I do think it’s very important to be accountable to someone, (both for my weight, and my well-being), and she is the perfect person for me.

Thanks Kerri