The universe sent me an amazing and beautiful lady called Kerri and she was just what I needed.
I have tried many times over the years to lose excess weight and not been successful.
The problem was not losing the weight, the problem was in my mindset at maintaining the loss.
Six months ago, I would think nothing of having soft drink and lollies for a meal. I wanted to change and blamed myself for not being the best version of myself. I was already walking, so exercise wasn’t a problem.
Over the months with Kerri’s support, I have loved going deeper into my behaviors around food. She doesn’t have a go at me for any detours I might have on my journey. I love this about her.
I am now 13kgs lighter and reducing each week, nearing a goal I have been trying to achieve for at least 23 years.
I can honestly say I am happy eating what I want and so much better at making healthy choices. I now think about my decision to have sometimes food.
I can’t believe how far I have come and with the support of Kerri who truly believes that I can achieve my goal, I know this time it will happen ❤.
I can’t recommend Kerri highly enough, to anyone who is struggling in their journey of being the best version of themself.