Client Testimonials

Inspirational – Motivational – Sustainable

I have so much energy

Kerri was the light I needed to get motivated and started on my journey to a healthier me. Kerri has been able to explain why my body is doing the things it is doing and provide me with the tools I need to succeed. Not only have I lost weight, I have so much energy

Non judgemental and most sincere

Thank you for your professionalism in handling my continuous blubbering. You made me feel very comfortable from the moment I stepped into your room. Your mannerism created an air of comfort to speak my heartfelt thoughts. Talking to you, you are so attentive, you remember, you comprehend, read between the lines, advise and respond with

Kamini Govender

My first thought was where do I go or start to turn this around?

Six months ago I was at an all time low in my life, just unhappy and kicking myself for how I got here. Being in my late 40’s I noticed my moods and hormones were changing to the point that I didn’t know who I was. Results from my blood tests had also revealed I

Mabel R.

You even made me choose healthy at Maccas.

Kerri, I just want to thank you for helping me achieve my goal. Your knowledge, care, support, understanding and unwavering ability of keeping it real helped me succeed. We met pretty randomly and from our very first conversation you were committed to helping me. You have changed my ideas on health and achieving my goals


I definitely would not have lost 11.3 kilos without her.

Mandy Stevens
I first met kerri harvey 5 years ago through an online site that specifically dealt with women’s hormones and menopause issues, I thought why not I had nothing to lose being as I was at my heaviest 79.8. I’m only 160cm tall so pretty heavy plus I was carrying it through my middle. Kerri has

Mandy Stevens

I was not put on a ‘diet’, but was taught to ‘adapt’.

Francine before and after front view
I have known Kerri for many years.  She was my coach at my local gym, so she knows me very well.  Over the years I have yo-yo’d with my weight, which can be fairly typical. Finally, in June 2020, I got very serious about shedding quite a few kilos as I had a goal to