Weight loss wellness and change is like hiking a mountain …

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So imagine you are standing at the bottom of a mountain.

You know that if you get to the top it is the best view in the world .. In fact it has the potential to be life changing ..


To get there
1. You have to believe it’s worth it
2. You have to know which path to follow
3. You have to have some tools – supplies to make the journey achievable without falling back down or off the side
4. You have to believe that you can do it
5. You will need to accept that the journey is not easy – it will have its challenges .

You may need to stop and catch your breath. You may need to conquer challenges – some parts of the climb are going to get easier and some parts harder to the point that you may even doubt that you will make it to the top.. you may slide backwards a bit and have to rethink the path you took ..


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner a confidente a person you can lean on ask questions advice or who has travelled this path before and has ideas and skills to guide you and walk beside you up this mountain. Someone you can chat to .. cry to .. vent your frustration to and brainstorm ideas to get through the tough parts of the journey.

Imagine what the view will be like .. how it feels and how it changes you and your life ..

“In fact it has the potential to be life changing”

That’s the path to health – weight loss – wellness or change ..

I love my job – my role and watching the transformations happen – mentally physically and emotionally ..
When you see someone at the beginning of their Hill climb
Then you see them and are with them when they reach the top of the mountain ..


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Kerri xx

Written By Kerri Harvey

Kerri is a Certified Metabolic Health Coach, Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Consultant and Hormone Enhancement Coach with more than 16 years experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry. Kerri’s key to success is her methodical process of collaborating with clients to achieve results.

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