What is wellness and why is it so important right now?

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What is wellness and why is it so important right now?

Have you ever wondered what wellness actually means and why it can be used in so many areas right now..

If you google it the first definition that came up for me is

“Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so instead of just surviving, you’re thriving.”   (Pfizer.com)

Who wouldn’t want that outcome, especially in these current circumstances?

Think about it right – anything we do daily that improves our physical and/or mental health is going to contribute to our overall quality of life.

It sounds amazing – simple – easy – so many available options out there and the rewards wow.

Wellness can apply to just about anything that improves our lifestyle – like gyms, groups, communities, Allied health professionals, Wellness coaches.

It’s kind of interesting that with this term being so in vogue and being used so much more that we are the unhealthiest we have ever been – with lifestyle disease, mental health and obesity at its all-time high.

We are aware that we need to make changes, from an industry perspective and most people realise it from a personal perspective as well.

We are seeing allied health professionals being overwhelmed with patients reaching out for help, where a large percentage of these conditions being brought on by our daily habits that are impacting us mentally and physically.

Which is why Wellness is becoming so important and the new and growing need for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches to help us navigate these changes is becoming more and more in demand.

It is growing because it is becoming important and essential for us all to change the way we are living to be able to thrive.

Wellness is not designed to take over the role of the Allied Health Professionals but to support them and contribute to helping us find a healthier and happier way of life.

Hope this gives you more clarity on this growing field and Buzz word.

If you want to know more or have had a positive experience with Wellness in your life please comment or Pm me.

Kerri xx

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Written By Kerri Harvey

Kerri is a Certified Metabolic Health Coach, Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Consultant and Hormone Enhancement Coach with more than 16 years experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry. Kerri’s key to success is her methodical process of collaborating with clients to achieve results.

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